Responsible marketing

Times change. Principles don't. They guide the decisions we make and how we are judged by others. In our mission to create ‘A Better Tomorrow’, our International Marketing Principles (IMP) ensure we will all continue to market our products, responsibly and sustainably, to successfully grow our global brands.

Youth should never smoke or use products containing tobacco or nicotine. We are committed to applying our International Marketing Principles to all our products and upholding the same high standards in every market we operate, even when they are stricter than applicable local laws. Understanding the products we sell have different risk profiles, the way we deliver our commitment to responsible marketing will vary accordingly. We market our cigarettes responsibly meeting the preferences of today’s adult smokers. Potentially reduced risk products can only maximise their potential to contribute to tobacco harm reduction if adult consumers have the information necessary to make informed choices. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide consumers with clear and meaningful information about our products.

We will be guided by 10 key themes

  1. A Better Tomorrow: Our purpose and commitment to our diverse stakeholders
  2. Consumer Choice: Clear belief in offering a portfolio of consumer choice
  3. Adult only: That our business is aimed at and marketed to adults only
  4. Always Responsible:  Unwavering commitment to responsibility in all that we do
  5. Science Assured: Underpinning our business and product portfolio with world class science
  6. Completely Transparent: Completely transparent in the way in which we conduct our business
  7. Sustainable Future: Our ambition and aim is to build a sustainable business for ‘generations to come’
  8. Effective Partnerships: The challenges of our business cannot be solved alone, we will reach out for partners
  9. Diverse: A truly global business with a commitment to diversity in all senses
  10. Through New Adult Generations: Consumer responsive, meeting unmet and evolving consumer needs

Our principles

Group companies and anyone working on our behalf, in any capacity, must adopt these Marketing Principles and seek to apply them in good faith at all times.

Our marketing, across all our products, will be:

  1. Responsible
  2. Accurate and not misleading
  3. Targeted at adult consumers
  4. Transparent
  5. Compliant with all applicable laws

In case you would like to learn more about our IMP’s, please visit our Global website:

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